Premier Skills developed the Practice Play coaching methodology with the aim of producing outstanding coaches and highly skilled players. 

Practice Play is built on the realistic learning of street football that progresses to advanced full game understanding.

For the crucial development period of the junior player, the Practice Play methodology recreates the street football playing environment allied to an advanced coaching methodology.

For the youth player, the Practice Play methodology progressively adds on realistic practices for larger playing numbers in areas that develop the outstanding skill, vision and decision making that is required for the Premier Skills playing philosophy.

 For the senior player, the Practice Play methodology cements the skills and principles of the Premier Skills playing philosophy into the full-sided game


The Practice Play methodology:

  • Involves decision making on time and space through the use of interference or opposition in all practices.

  • Gradually increases difficulty - by adding opposition or decreasing area size or combining both. 

  • Ensures active involvement of every player at all times - no lines. no drills!

  • Involves practical realism at all stages.

  • Develops great individuality always allied to vision and game understanding.

  • Has a skills and tactical spine that runs throughout the work from junior to senior football. Every session has a link back to the Premier Skills playing philosophy.


The Practice Play philosophy produces a contradiction in terms - it produces natural players.

If you are interested in bringing the Practice Play methodology to your club or organisation or would just like to know more about it, email


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