About Us

Premier Skills Coaching was originally founded in 2000 by John Cartwright and Roger Wilkinson.  Premier Skills gained world-wide acclaim for their unique methodology, working with professional clubs and organisations throughout the UK, Ireland, Malta, Norway, USA and Australia.

Formed around Cartwright's Practice Play Methodology, Premier Skills was a recreation of street football in a modern coaching format. Using realistic practices that focused on decision making and individualism Premier Skills became a leader in the development of highly skilled players and coaches.

In 2020, Premier Skills was re-launched as the Premier Skills Academy.  Lead by Sam Wilkinson and based out of Hamilton, NZ, the Premier Skills Academy is committed to continuing Cartwright and Wilkinson's legacy. 

Delivering unique player development and coach education programmes, the Premier Skills Academy aims to develop world class player's and coaches. 

For more detailed information about Premier Skills courses and programmes, visit Our Programmes.


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